I am proud to partner with PAFEX France, distributors of Wychwood products in France.

For boat fishing I am using a selection of excellent products from the Wychwood Game Series:

  • Boatman boat bag
  • Competition Drogue & clamps
  • Vuefinder fly boxes
  • Truefly SLA#5/6 and Truefly SLA#7/8 fly reels.

I am also using utilizing the great Pafex FLY-C60F, FLY-C60R and FLY-C70R landing net frames.


For my exclusive guided carp fishing on fly at a private venue, I am also using some items from the Wychwood Carp fishing range that help me handling the fish in a safe manner:

  • Solace Landing Net 42 inch
  • Epic Unhooking Mat
  • H-Block Safety Sack (Euro).

For further information on Wychwood tackle and a list of stockists, please consult : www.pafex.fr

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