Guided shad fishing

The guided shad fishing program (duration 8 h) includes :

  • Fishing the rivers Aulne, Elorn (Finistère) & Blavet (Morbihan), depending on prevailing water levels and actual fish runs.
  • Learning the biology and behavior of shad.
  • Angling strategies, reading the water, approach and finding fish lies and holding pools.
  • One handed and two handed casting: roll and switch casts, steeple casts, Spey casts (single and double), shooting line, presentation.
  • Drift fishing and presentation of the fly: line mends and retrieves.
  • Choosing a specific fly, leader setup and construction, lines, fishing knot basics.

 Peak runs: mid-April to late May (please inquire about the actual situation of the run).

My guided shad fishing includes:

Tuition (duration 8 h), lunch picnic with fresh regional organic products as well as top quality tackle for hire (rods, reels, lines, leaders and flies).

It does not include: transportation to and from the rivers (I will ask a supplement of 30€/day fishing the lower Aulne and 50€/day fishing the Blavet (Morbihan).
Also not included: fishing licenses: 12€/day (please provide your address and birth information). By law, fishing for shad requires a yearly special supplement for migrating fish (50€), lodging.

Hours: 9h-17h (according to prevailing daylight).

Rates individual guiding: 220€/day (rates are subject to discount for groups of 2 or 3 anglers). See Rates.

Guide’s thoughts

Allis shad (Alosa alosa) have been regular visitors for a number of years now, running the coastal rivers of Brittany in masses, lately. While their numbers used to be concentrated in the watersheds of the Adour and the Garonne, further south down the French Atlantic coast, these member of the herring family have been running the rivers in the north for about two decades now, with concentrations in the Loire watershed and also into coastal Armorican waters as well. This phenomenon might be due to climatic changes but it definitely makes local and visiting anglers quite happy.


Shad fishing on the river Blavet | Photo gallery

Shad fishing on the river Aulne | Photo gallery