Guided fly fishing for pike

Saint-Michel Lake (450 ha), Monts d’Arrée

Boat fishing (Irish Sheelin drift boat), 19-foot (5,80 m) powered by an electric Minn Kota EO 1 HP trolling motor.

The advanced pike fishing tuition class (duration 8 hours) includes:

  • Boat fishing at Saint-Michel Lake and other local lakes.
  • Pike biology and behavior.
  • Angling strategies, reading the water, approaching and locating angling productive spots.
  • One-handed fly casting: double haul and shooting the line.
  • Presentations and retrieves.
  • Setting the hook and fighting the fish.
  • Specific fly choice, leader setup, fly line choice, specific knot making tuition, shock tippet masterclass.
  • General angling gear: Boat seats, parachute drogue, specific tackle and flies.
  • Streamer and surface lure fishing (poppers and sliders).

 Best periods: from April 27, 2023 to Late January (Saint-Michel Lake angling closes late January 2025).

 Regulation: Every angler wishing to fish the waters of the lake will need to pay a specific “Carte Grand Lac Intérieur Saint-Michel” supplement. This supplement can either be based annually (€25,-), weekly (€15,-) or daily (€8,-).

My guided boat pike fishing :

It includes a full day of fishing and tuitions (duration 8 h).
On demand, I can provide adequate quality tackle for hire, free of charge (rod, reel, line, leaders and flies, etc…)

Not included: fishing license:  (please provide your address and date of birth), lodging and food.

Hours: 9h-17h (depending on the prevailing daylight and the season).

Rates individual guided fishing: Guided boat fishing (Irish drift boat): 250€ per day (rates subject to discount for 2 anglers). See Rates.

Guide’s comment

In the heart of the Monts d’Arrée Mountains and the Parc Naturel Régional d’Armorique (Armorique Regional Park of Finistère), within the high moor, St Michel Lake with its 450 hectares of freedom will offer you great fly angling in preserved environment, very closely resembling typical Irish countryside. In its peaty waters, wild pike abound and are eager to chase your flies.

What a great and intense moment for an angler to hook into a big pike under red skies amidst the golden landscape of Yeun Ellez moor, when the first rays of the sun pierce the foggy blanket at dawn.

Legends say that in close proximity, begins the so-called Youdig, Hell for the Bretons, yet for the angler and lover of nature and wild landscapes and St. Michel playing along, this must be paradise

With a surface area of 450 hectares and rated in first class under French water management, St Michel Lake has had, since 2002, Grand Lac Intérieur (Great Inland Lake) status with particular and beneficial game fish regulations.

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