The main goal of my guided river fishing tuition is to help you discover some sections of “my backyard” on the most beautiful rivers of northern Brittany.
Guided river fly fishing tuition (duration 8 h) includes:

Discovering the rivers and streams of the Monts d’Arrée Mountains (according to the season and prevailing water levels).

NB : Wading is only allowed after April 30th in the Finistère territory, including the Elorn river.

Starting in early May:

  • Lower Elorn: fishing on Mondays, Wednesday, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • Upper Elorn: Fishing every day.
  • River Aulne, Penzé, Hyères, Rivers of Morlaix, Rivière d’Argent, Guillec, Horn, Léguer, etc.

See under RIVERS for an extensive description of the waters.

Open season 2024 : 9 March to 15 September.

Educational contents guided river fly fishing tuition:

Depending on your actual level, I will adjust and teach some of the required basics of fly fishing wild rivers:

  • Approach: bank and wade fishing.
  • Reading the water, learning the lies, profile and structure of a river.
  • Recognizing productive water.
  • Choice of fly.
  • Entomology basics.
  • Learning aquatic invertebrates (the major species of aquatic insects, crustaceans and relevant terrestrial insects involved in a trout’s diet).
  • The stages of natural aquatic insects (larvae, nymph, dun, spinner, spent) and the corresponding imitations (nymphs, wet flies, emergers, “flymph”, pupae, “stillborn”, dry flies (duns and spinners), spent).
  • Other noteworthy prey (crustaceans, terrestrial insects, forage fish) and the corresponding imitations: streamers and lures, shrimps, hog lice, caterpillars …
  • Learning relevant forage fish (gudgeon, minnows, sculpin, lampreys, etc…).
  • Making the right cast in the right situation: classic cast, backhand cast, steeple cast, roll cast, bow-and arrow cast, sidearm cast, vertical cast.
  • Presentations, dead drift and setting the hook.
  • Fighting the fish, ethical treatment of the fish, releasing the fish, dispatching a keeper fish.

My guiding includes :

Tuition (duration 8/9 h), transportation to and from the rivers (with the exception of the Côtes d’Armor territory, which is subject to an additional petrol fee)

Not included: Fishing licenses: 12€/day (please provide your address and birth details), lodging and food.

Hours : 9h-17h (depending on the season and prevailing daylight).

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