Freshwater rods

Brittany Fly Fishing freshwater rods will be delivered with a black graphite rod tube with a shiny finish:
77 cm length for 9-foot rods and under
85 cm length for 9-foot-6 and 10 – foot rods
Screw-top in black anodized aluminum with segmented Burlington marine blue polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix)


Brittany Fly Fishing saltwater rods will be delivered in a midnight blue graphite rod tube with a shiny finish (77 cm) with a gold anodized aluminum screw top and segmented Burlington turquoise polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix)


Full Warranty

it covers, when damaged, the first repair or blank replacement, modifications and guide replacement, as well as shipping from and to the original owner. This will ensure a quick turnover and well-executed repair services of your preferred rod. Turnover time is about three weeks (longer if required repair elements must be reordered) from the time we receive your rod.

Rate : 70,00€ (tick the option box on the order form).

Rod case bag

Made right here in Morlaix in Brittany, these thick cotton tube bags come in a nice marine blue color and will protect your valued rod tubes from dings and scratches. Two lengths are available: 77 cm and 85 cm. With bungee cord and spring-loaded stopper.

Rate : 30,00€ (tick the option box on the order form).

Rate : + 80,00€ : (tick the option box on the order form).
RECOIL NF (Nickel Finish RSN)
RECOIL NF (Nickel Finish RSNX)

RECOIL guides

All rods can be fitted with titanium nickel RECOIL guides, in Black Pearl or regular Nickel finish.

For lightweight rods, lower line weight rods, the light duty Freshwater (RSN) model is recommended.
For heavier rods, higher line weights stillwater and saltwater), the heavy duty Saltwater (RSNX) or its Black Pearl (RSNXB) version are preferable.

Why RECOIL guides? Although quite pricey in direct comparison to quality hard chrome stainless steel guides, RECOIL guides are extremely strong, virtually unbreakable due to their elastic properties: titanium nickel alloy is a memory alloy that can be crushed and compressed – it will always spring back to its original shape. The other major advantage is its light weight. Although we use lightweight regular guides on all of our rods, RECOIL guides weigh even less.
Longer rods can be built by saving a few grams in the front portion, positively affecting the rod’s action as can be found on our Maxia Fast Water Dry & Nymph 10’5”#3 and Ten Footer Allround River & Stream 10’0”#4 rods, for example.

On saltwater rods like the Seabass Seven, Seabass Eight and Seabass & Pike Nine RECOIL guides are particularly interesting as they are impervious to saltwater corrosion!

Heavy Duty (HD) fly rods

If you are looking for a more powerful rod in line weight 10 and over to fish for the following species:

Saltwater species : tarpon, large jacks (GT, bluefin, African pompano, jack crevalle, ), barracuda, amberjack, dolphinfish, cobia, grouper, garrick, roosterfish, large striped bass, billfish (sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin), tuna (wahoo, skipjack, albacore, yellowfin, kawakawa, ) sharks,..
Freshwater species : catfish, musky, Nile perch, sturgeon, tigerfish, king salmon, taimen, huchen, barramundi, peacock bass, etc.

We can offer you an accurate quotation for a custom rod perfectly suited for your requirements (build time can vary from a few weeks to 2-3 months depending on the components)

Available blanks :
Sage Salt HD (up to line weight 16)
Winston Saltwater Air (up to line weight 12)
TFO Bluewater SG (up to line weight 16/18)

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