Russia – Kola Peninsula – Varzina Trout Camp


The Varzina is located above the Arctic Circle on the northern end of the Kola Peninsula. It rises within Lake Enozero and meanders through the tundra for about 20 miles before entering the Barents Sea. Snow melt and spring rains keep the river level quite constant through the short fishing season (mid-July to late August). Waters remain clear even when the river is in flood.

The fishing camp is set within the fishing stretches on the right bank of the upper Varzina; there are about 16 km of fishable water. Strategically located and comfortably equipped, it is protected by strong winds on either side of the river by a series of hills. The panorama is mind-blowing with fantastic vistas of the river and the surrounding tundra. Vegetation (large growth) is almost nonexistent along the upper reaches and only a handful of trees line the lower section of the Varzina. Bears, wolverines and reindeer make up the major part of the larger animals.

The camp disposes of 5 heated and very comfortable tents, has a small log cabin where meals are taken, a sauna and a room where wet clothing can be dried. Each tents has two beds (linen and blankets provided), two low tables and lamps as well a power output to recharge your electronic equipment. The power generator is up and running from 7 to 10 AM and again from 6 to 12 PM.

The Varzina River is one of the rare places on earth where the local wild trout population has been completely preserved. You will fish for trout that have rarely seen artificial flies and since we are talking about a fragile ecosystem, we encourage you to release all your fish.

Of all the places we have been to, the Varzina stands out as a most impressive destination: both the sizes of fish as well as their numbers are quite incredible. 20 to 30 fish days are nothing uncommon in quite a few places, but if your average fish on the upper Varzina is one of 4 to 10 lbs, this will raise an eyebrow and you agree this is quite unique and priceless. Please note that the lower reaches of the trout section of the Varzina harbors a healthy salmon run with many pools straight from a salmon angler’s dream, best of all: you can fish for Atlantic salmon without having to pay the premium!.

Planet Fly Fishing has signed an agreement with the “The Varzina River Company”– the managing entity of the fishery and the river basin- and can now act as the exclusive booking agent.

In partnership with Planet Fly Fishing, I will organize exclusive trips to the Varzina during peak season in early July when the fishing camp opens its doors again and will assist the customers as a “tour leader” and fishing guide for groups of 4 to 6 anglers.

From the departure, I will assist the group in matters of transfers, translation, and matters of technical advice, in collaboration with the local guides and the camp people. All my accumulated knowledge of brown trout fishing on the Varzina (guiding in 2013) will be at your disposal. I will help you prepare your trip, make tackle choices, flies, etc…

Fish species

Periods offered in 2017:

  • First two weeks in July (usually the most productive weeks and the best to fish for larger fish, therefore require early reservations, 6 to 8 months in advance as demand is very high) and August.

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