Seabass Seven “Bay of Morlaix I” 9’0”#7, 4-piece, 2 tips


Blank : Graphite IM10 Saltwater. Finish : Deep Blue
Handle : Flor-grade cork (the ultimate) full wells with fighting butt
Reel seat : black anodized aluminum up-locking Alps R-TRI12 Titanium Grey
Guides : super hard chrome : 2 gun metal with blue lining stripping guides + 8 lightweight snake guides + 1 tip top
Thread wraps : Cobalt blue/turquoise
Weight : 115 gr. Weight tip section : 5 gr.
Accessories : midnight blue graphite rod tube with a shiny finish (77 cm) with a gold anodized aluminum screw top and segmented Burlington turquoise polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix)

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There are creations that will particularly pride oneself, as things seem to have come together in a perfect way. This certainly is the case for the three rod models made for saltwater and big predator action. The Seabass Seven “Bay of Morlaix I” 9’0”#7 is a rod that marries performance and sensitivity. The idea was to produce a lightweight rod for sea bass fishing in our local waters here (estuaries, bays and coves) and has proven itself in my guiding territory, the Bay of Morlaix and the Roadstead of Brest. The rod will easily shoot a Striper line into the next zip code when asked for, be it a floater, intermediate or sinking line up to 250 grains. It shines, however, when paired with floaters and intermediates when long, fine leaders (tippet size 0,25 à 0,27 mm) and discretion are required to present small baitfish imitations (Softy Sand Eel #4, Slinky Clouser #6), shrimps, crabs and eel flies. It is also bonefish fly rod perfection anywhere the species can be found. Even fish like snook, smaller jacks, snapper, mackerel, ladyfish, etc, are no threat for the rod. It is also particularly well suited to fish for mullet during their annual migration. The Seabass Special “Bay of Morlaix I” 9’0”#7 comes with an identical second tip section.

My advice

It has quickly become my preferred rod for the finer approach when tackling sea bass here in shallow clear waters. A few false casts will discreetly put a fly where I look at, aided by a bit of well-timed hauling. Its finesse and light weight allow me downscale my terminal tackle to fool bigger, stronger fish in all confidence. The Seabass Seven “Bay of Morlaix I” 9’0’#7 can subdue any bonefish that swims, double digit or not, the power reserves in the butt section are simply amazing and give total control when pulling out fish from submerged structure. It is also a great rod for predatory fish like asp, black bass, European walleye.

The rod builder’s note

“The Saltwater/Seabass Series are built on blanks that are in the top corner of the power/speed range available, with true “saltwater” actions as opposed to more delicate “freshwater” actions. The “Seven”, however, combines finesse, physical light weight with outstanding recovery and accuracy; paired with the right fly line, line speed and loop control are simply phenomenal!
Out of the three rods in this incredible rod series, the “Seven” is the “unbelievably Incredible” one!”

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Weight 115 g