Lough Style Special “Lough Sheelin” 10’0”#6, 4-piece


Blank : “High Performance” graphite. Finish : black gloss.
Handle: Flor-grade cork (the ultimate) reversed half wells with fighting butt
Reel seat : up-locking black anodized aluminum with metallic blue-accented graphite spacer.
Guides : super hard chrome : 2 gold-lined blued stripping guide + 8 snake guides + 1 tip top.
Thread wraps: Purple with metallic blue accents.
Weight : 127 gr. Weight tip section : 5 gr.
Accessories : black graphite rod tube (85 cm) + segmented Burlington marine blue polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix).

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As its name indicates, the Lough Style Special “Lough Sheelin” 10’0”#6 was created to fish the Irish Loughs and Scottish Lochs as well as the English and Welsh reservoirs. It is the ideal rod to fish from a drifting boat with floating lines and a team of bigger wet flies (Dabblers, Irish wets, etc.) that are animated by lifting the rod, pulled from the surface one by one and being dragged across the surface to induce a (more or less violent) strike from the trout. The rod is also perfect for finer distance fishing with dry flies, emergers and nymphs. Like with most rods, it will be up to the task for other techniques : it is a great light reservoir rod to fish at medium and long distances with floating and intermediate lines, when shorter rods will not cut it. Great to present teams of flies, nymphs, lures and streamers and soft-tipped enough for distance dry fly work. Paired with a TT-6 floater it simply shines but other lines like clear intermediates and hover lines work equally well. It can also be used for sunk line work with lines S2 to S4.

My advice

It’s “Lough Style“ perfection tackle, in a boat, westerly winds in the back and nice waves pulling the trout to the surface. Like its smaller sister the 10’0”#5, it loves an intermediate line (slow glass, fast glass) or a hover line, discreetly figure-eight-retrieving a team of wets or nymphs above weed beds and having the guts to lean into a couple of pounds of better wild or feral fish. It also doubles as a great salmon and trout rod for smaller coastal rivers in Brittany or Normandy.

The rod builder’s note

“Here we go: the “6” weigh is so close to the “7” but does not have the “7”–‘s casting power. Still a great rod, fabulous roll casting rod and possibly the perfect rod to fish for mid-sized Arctic char (Greenland, Labrador).”

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Weight 127 g