Lake & River Lightline Special “Drennec Lake” 10’#5-6, 4-piece, 2 tips


Blank : Graphite IM12. Finish : Coffee Brown Metal Flake Matte
Handle: Flor-grade cork (the ultimate) reversed full wells with fighting butt
Reel seat : up-locking black anodized aluminum with matte graphite spacer.
Guides : super hard chrome : 2 gold-lined blued stripping guide + 9 snake guides + 1 tip top.
Thread wraps : Cobalt blue/ light blue, light teal green
Weight : 105 gr. Weight tip section : 5 gr.
Accessories : black graphite rod tube (85 cm) + segmented Burlington marine blue polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix).

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It is the ideal rod for wet fly and light streamer fishing in rivers and great for light-line reservoir tactics using dries, emergers, buzzers, and somewhat heavier nymphs. It works great with a WF line, a TT5 or TT6 floater being my line of choice. Great for river wet fly fishing and in stillwaters under the surface into the first ten feet below (team of flies, crunchers, weighted nymphs and mini-streamers,..), to detect strikes and to keep surface disturbance to a minimum, I like intermediate lines better, hover or slow glass 5- and 6-weight lines. Floating lines also work, using a sinking leader and all of them are easily managed with the Lake & River Lightline Special.

My advice

This is a multi-use, comfortable 10-footer that can be used most everywhere : small, medium-sized and large rivers, with a team of flies or with a streamer. In stillwaters it shines with a team of buzzers and, or dry flies. The Drennec Lake is one of those rods an angler can look for forever among the big name rod companies without ever finding it. It simply is a remarkable tool, quickly becoming indispensable for 3 reasons :
Its added length allows for perfect line control when drifting flies (wets, streamers) and controlling long leaders with teams of flies spaced far apart in stillwaters.
The very soft tip and its sensitivity paired with the power in the butt make for great roll casting abilities and bite detection
The overall power in the blank allows for great leverage for bigger, stronger fish. Comes with two equal tip sections.

The rod builder’s note

“This rod was a bit of a challenge but it came out EXACTLY as it was expected to be! It is longer and also much softer overall than other rods under load, but it retains some speedy recovery to maintain pleasurable casting qualities. It was made to fish at closer ranges, with good accuracy and a very controlled bend to fish quite light tippets securely.”

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Weight 105 g