Fiberglass Small Stream “The Guindy” 7’8”#4, 4-piece


Blank : fiberglass. Finish :: honey gloss transparent
Handle : Flor grade cork , short cigar
Reel seat : Uplocking titanium smoke anodized aluminum with teakwood spacer
Guides : super hard chrome : 1 gold insert stripping guide + 7 snake guides + 1 tip top
Thread wraps: brown with rusty red accents
Weight : 108 gr. Weight tip section : 4 gr.
Accessories : black graphite rod tube (77 cm) + segmented Burlington marine blue polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix).

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Rediscover the soul of fly fishing with an old-school, yet modern fiberglass fly rod. Quite a nice tool for close-in and medium action and delicate, accurate presentations. The Guindy 7’8”#4 was named after a local coastal stream of the Côtes d’Armor, where I have spent thousands of hours chasing wild brown trout, mainly with dry flies, a place dear to my heart. It’s a typical river found in our region, sometimes meandering and slow, sometimes quick and quirky where this gentle rod simply shines. No room for a backcast ? Well, roll casts can be flicked out with ease and the powerful blank has enough backbone to land even the biggest of adipose-finned opponents on light tippet. If so required, you can lay out a full line provided your double haul is well timed, the rod is that good.

My advice

Matched with a handsome and lightweight mid-arbor reel, a DT-4-weight is very well suited for the rod while a regular WF-4 (or even a WF-5-weight) will do just as well. It’s a great rod when wading streams under 10 yards wide in dense cover.

The rod builder’s note

“Aah, faster glass, the new stuff old-style or the old style remade, anyway you look at it, these blanks are superb. They DO require a good timing to be cast really well; therefore they are a marvelous tool to work on your casting technique. Hooking into fish becomes a whole new experience, the rods bend deeply and provide this unique feeling only fiberglass can give you. A trophy fish will bend the rod double yet tippets will not part easily.”

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Weight 108 g