Coastal Rivers Switch “Eog Salar” 11’6”#5/6, 4-piece, 2 tips.


Blank : Graphite IM12 Finish : metallic green.
Handle : Switch Supreme Flor cork with butt. Length : 285mm + 120 mm.
Reel seat : Bloke Switch/Spey downlock, bronze green anodized aluminum with ivory polymer insert.
Guides : super hard chrome snakes: 2 blued gold lined stripping guides + 9 snake guides + Tip Top.
Thread wraps : Teal with metallic lime green highlights.
Weight : 199 gr. Weight tip section : 8 gr.
Accessories : HD (Heavy Duty) black aluminum tube with gunmetal fittings (97 cm) + segmented Burlington marine blue polyester rod bag with lacing (custom made in Brittany in Morlaix)

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While I do not spend most of my time fishing for Atlantic salmon, I do have good knowledge of fishing for salmon in Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Russia. It became evident that I was to offer a rod model able to cope with local Celtic angling conditions (smaller waters) that is perfectly adapted to modern salmon fishing techniques that can also be taught in the late season on Breton waters. The inherent action of a Switch rod will facilitate Switch and other water-borne casts like Spey Casts which are roll casts with a change of direction. Switch casts in our region are perfectly executed with a shorter shooting head in opposition to the longer, more traditional Spey casts. Another feature of the Switch Cast is the pronounced use of the lower hand while the upper hand acts more like a fulcrum, hence the name Underhand Cast (revamped Switch Cast by the British). These very powerful casts require but little effort and allow for long casts without unnecessary fatigue. A good current will help anchor the line for the cast and facilitate a proper execution of the cast. The Coastal Rivers Switch “Eog Salar” 11’6”#5/6 is a marvel in terms of covering all the needs an angler from these parts might have when fishing for migratory fish of up to 20 lbs; this is also true for our waters in Normandy or for that matter in Ireland or Scotland. Needless to say, it is a great sea trout and steelhead rod in waters of similar size. Local rivers in Finistère spring to my mind: the Aulne and the Blavet, among others. The Coastal Rivers Switch “Eog Salar” 11’6”#5/6 comes with 2 identical tips.

My advice

I prefer to use the Coastal Rivers Switch “Eog Salar” 11’6”#5/6 with so-called Switch or Scandi lines, made for shorter rods and smaller coastal rivers. This allows for easy Switch Casts, Snap T-Casts used a lot by North American steelhead anglers from California to Alaska. Those types of casts are quite easy to learn and to master by combing the rod with the right line like for example an InTouch Switch 5/6 F (350 grains) or a Rio Scandi Short Versitip 320 grains 5WT, other line makers will offer similar products. As two-handed rods have a large grain-weight window, heavier lines can also be used, especially if you are trying your hand at these techniques.

The rod builder’s note

“As a Switch rod, the “Eog Salar” is on the faster side of the spectrum, more tippy/stingy in action but very accurate and still quite powerful. The grain window is generous, a 400 grain very short head can certainly be cast if so required, but a mid- 300’s head in standard Switch length or a longer early 300’s head should be suited best for most casters. Half of the fun is finding a line that suits your personal needs best in your given river conditions, be it a full length line, or much better, a shooting head system. The latter will allow you perfectly adapt to any situation found on the water.”

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Weight 199 g