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There is a trout fisher’s paradise on our planet! It only requires a real pilgrimage to get there yet all those who have gone the lengthy way consider taking the trip again!
Just imagine numbers of rivers all for yourselves (well, almost…), one prettier than the next. Imagine huge trout you can sight fish for in crystal-clear waters, awesome landscapes and friendly people wherever you go, they almost make you forget the real world.

New Zealand comprises two large main islands that offer a great variety of angling possibilities for the passionate angler. The North Island, the smaller and more populated of the two, has some remarkable rivers (Rangitikei, Ngaruruo, …) where you actually can have a great chance to fish for and catch trophy rainbow trout. The South Island, however, has more rivers and streams in a greater variety with brown trout dominating.

Other than the outstanding quality of the water and the incredible size of the trout, it is the low population density and the almost absence of angling pressure that strikes most European visitors. Fly fishing is mostly done one third dry fly fishing and about two thirds nymph fishing, usually stalking fish (polaroiding) in sizes 4 to 8 lbs.

The assistance of a professional guide is therefore indispensable for newcomers as for experienced anglers alike, if you want to maximize on your investment, having travelled to the end of the world. His knowledge, his keen trained vision, his miracle fly box and his mere presence are all fundamental assets you would not want to be without. Fourteen years of having sent anglers of all walks of life to New Zealand gave Planet Fly Fishing some solid references when it comes to choose among angling spots and highly competent guides.

Angling stays are organized during the southern summer (November to March) and are usually tailored to suit the needs of the participants and following the availability of local trout guides. It is indispensable to plan such a trip at least 6 months ahead of time and it can be beneficial to include a likeminded fishing partner, this will serve the purpose of cunning in half the cost and will insure a certain degree of conviviality for a maximum of great memories. Lodging is left to the discretion of the guides as they will know best how to organize matters on-site for a maximum of flexibility.

A trip to New Zealand will require thorough preparation (it will take a minimum of 6 to 8 months to tailor a trip that suits your individual needs). This includes choosing the guide(s), the right time of the season, the airlines, the overall duration of your stay as well as the budget available.

We will assist you in your research as to help you make the appropriate choices, just like if it were our own vacation!

Upon request, I will accompany Planet Fly Fishing’s customers as a “tour leader” for a group of several anglers.
From the departure in Europe, I will assist the group in matters of transfers, translation, and matters of technical advice, in collaboration with the local guides. All my accumulated knowledge of fishing New Zealand waters will be at your disposal, dry fly or nymph fishing. I will help you prepare your trip, make tackle choices, flies, etc…

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By downloading our documentation (pdf with technical information), you will find several “formulas” of how to organize your trip, based on existing trips. You can, however, have your personal trip tailor-made to suit your individual needs, of course.

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