Austria – Salza, Ybbs, Erlauf & Steyr


I have had the privilege of fishing Austrian waters for over 30 years. As a young fly fishing lad, I was able to present my homewater Breton flies to a multitude of fish in places like the sublime Lammer, the upper Traun and the upper Steyr. It was a family trip with my mother and my beloved, late grandmother who loved Austria, less for its rivers and fish but rather for its picture-prefect postcard landscapes, flower-laden balconies and… Vienna Waltz in the footsteps of Romy Schneider and Sissy, Empress of Austria.

It is quite gratifying that Austria as managed to keep its immutable beauty and to notice that the fishing is just as excellent as it was years ago. I have never really stopped fishing in Austria as I have been there many times on assignment as a journalist, working for Plaisirs de la Pêche and since that time, I have been guiding there every year. I am a regular in the valley of the Ybbs in Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), one of Austria’s best managed angling stretches.

I have selected some 15 angling stretches where I will offer my guide services: Ybbs, Erlauf (Kleine & Grosse), Steyr, Salza, Mürz and Pielach.
Most of those stretches are managed by the very serious Vienna Office of Fishing (ÖFG 1880), who has maintained an outstanding standard for many years. We will have access to some 7 rivers with about 112 km of angling water.

Depending on the individual taste and the profile of my customers (technical level, physical ability, age), I will assemble an itinerary including 6 angling days, fishing for brown and rainbow trout (mostly of wild stock) as well as for the magnificent grayling. The diversity of angling water is incredible: small, medium-sized and large rivers, flowing through open or forested landscapes, through plains or mountain gorges, with torrential speeds or calm and peaceful… they have it all!

The common denominator for all is only limited fishing pressure as per the governing board to virtually guarantee quality angling all season long (from mid-April to later October or November), healthy fish populations (brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling and huchen) that allow the accommodation of anglers of all levels in perfect conditions. All types of fly fishing can be practiced here: dry fly, wet fly, nymph- , sight- and streamer fishing.

The hotel I have selected for my guests is ideally and strategically located to access the water easily. It offers a high standard (****), yet with reasonable rates. Non-angling companions are also most welcome as many activities (sports, cultural) can be had there (in the vicinity of Vienna, Salzburg, Linz and Steyr).

Guide’s thoughts

What makes Austria stand out among the many fly fishing destinations in Central Europe is its diversity, the low angling impact on the rivers, the quality of riverine management and surveillance, the quality of fish populations in size, number and beauty and the quality of lodging and food. The cost/quality ratio is simply outstanding!

I am organizing guided fishing stays on angling water of the Ybbs, Salza and others during peak seasons in June as well as in September/October for groups of 3 to 4 anglers. I will pick up my customers either on site or at Vienna/Linz Airports, assist them all along during their stay and will guide them on the water according to their fly fishing levels for technical and strategic support.

Fish species

Available periods in 2019 :

  • June.
  • Late September, early October.

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