Bahamas – Deadman’s Cay


With about 20.000 hectares of fishable flats, the Bahamas islands are just about the largest bonefishing grounds in the world. These awesome fish, usually larger on average than in other destinations, are for the most part very well fed, which implies an intact and rich ecosystem they are living in: mangrove flats. These flats are irrigated and seeded by the rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean that flushes the shores of some 700 islands and 2400 cays, fly fishing possibilities are endless! Other than the islands of New Providence with the nation’s capital Nassau and Grand Bahama Island, the so-called outer islands are sparsely populated.

I have had the privilege of fishing many times in the Bahamas where I was able to see most of the nicer places and fishing lodges, specialized in bonefishing: Abaco, Grand-Bahama, Exuma, Bimini, Eleuthera, Andros and Long Island.
Furthermore, I have put together the “Bonefish Paradise” brochure for the Bahamian Office of Tourism, downloadable right here.
It includes all sorts of pertinent information about bonefishing in the magnificent Bahamas, illustrated with many pictures (in french language).

I will show you the fabulous areas around Deadman’s Cay (and others) on Long Island, certainly among the nicest in the islands.

Locksley, our outstanding local guide, and his associates know the waters and flats like the back of their hands and have eagle eyes when it comes to spot fish. Depending on the tides, they will take you to the flats of Thompson Bay, White Sound, Channel Cay, Upper Channel Cay, Sandy Cay, etc. You should also visit the blue holes, underwater craters that harbor tarpon. Other fish species also abound: barracuda, snapper and permit can be found every day.

Non-angling companions are most welcome as there are numerous interesting activities to be had: sea kayaking, biking, diving, hikes, etc… Pierre’s cuisine, with a quebecois touch, is turning out culinary masterpieces that make it very hard to leave this paradise.

I will tailor your personal stay (6 days fishing minimum) and accompany you as a tour guide for 2 to 4 anglers. I will be in charge of the group from the departure in Europe to your return, will assist and help wherever help is needed, also from a technical point of view together with our local fishing guide Locksley and Pierre, the lodge owner. My entire knowledge about bonefishing is going to be at your disposal (which is among my favorite specialties) and will help you up front to properly prepare your trip: tackle selection, flies, etc…

Fish species

Periods :

  • In 2021 : late November/early December
  • In 2022 : mid-March to late April

Also see the following trip information brochure :