Germany – The Trauns


The German Trauns, located in southern Bavaria (upper Bavaria) about 30 km from the Austrian Border, rise in the foothills of the Alps. The German Traun (Deutsche Traun), a tributary of the Alz, which in turn is a tributary of the mighty Inn River, is formed at the junction of the White Traun (Weiße Traun) and the Red Traun (Rote Traun). Both streams have earned their names by the color of their waters: the former has crystal clear waters as it rises in a forested area and flows through a pristine lake, while the latter has reddish-brown waters and rises from moorlands. There are 45 km from the source of the White Traun to the confluence with the Inn River.

  • The Weiße Traun, typical pre-alpine stream with gin-clear waters, is some 20 meters wide on average. It is home to brown trout, a few grayling as well as medium-sized rainbow trout, 25 to 40 cm. Bigger fish up to 55 cm are also present and the angling stretch is about 5 km long.
  • The Rote Traun is a smaller stream, 10 to 12 meters wide but harbors a very healthy population of brown trout and some very nice grayling in lengths up to 50 cm. Our stretch measures 5 km in length.
  • The Deutsche Traun, formed by the junction of the two is a larger river, about 25 to 30 meters wide. It has alternating features with gravel bottom, pools, deeper holes, rocky portions where bigger fish can hide out. The trout, rainbows and browns, measure on average between 35 and 45 cm with bigger fish up to and beyond 50 cm/4 lbs hooked regularly. Some of the rainbows grow up to and exceed 70 cm in length. Certain trophy grayling reach lengths up to 60 cm, too!! We have access to two different stretches, Hochberg and Traunstein, that both measure about 2,5 km in length.

All the fishing stretches are managed privately and there will be no more than 4 to 6 anglers allowed per day.
The four river sections of the Trauns give access to outstanding rainbow trout fishing with some good brown trout thrown in. Best methods for success are dry fly fishing and nymph fishing (sight fishing and drift fishing).
We also have the possibility to fish a day on the Forchensee, about 4 hectares in size and fed by the Weiße Traun. Its waters are incredibly clear and harbor numerous brook trout, rainbow and brown trout, great to sight fish for.

Needless to say that only fly fishing using fly tackle is allowed here.

Lodging will be in a comfortable hotel in the typical village of Siegsdorf in close proximity to the rivers. This establishment has been welcoming anglers for many years and will cater to an angler’s special schedule. Food is excellent, very rich and the menus will make choices hard.

In partnership with Planet Fly Fishing I will organize guided stays (for groups of up to 3 anglers maximum) on the German Trauns, that I know quite well. I will pick you up on site (or at Munich Airport), will assist you in every way, will translate and guide you on the waters, with technical strategic advice.

Fish species

Periods offered in 2017 :

  • Mid-June to mid-July & mi-September to mid-October

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