Freshwater tackle

I am used to working with quality tackle as only quality is the way to go. I am partnering with companies that have stood the test of time: rods, reels, lines, flies, terminal tackle, accessories (shooting baskets, …), clothing, engines, marine electronics, safety equipment (self-inflating life vests), etc.
You are most welcome to use your own tackle and your own flies, but my rates include the use of high-end tackle for hire to and tuition help maximize your success on the water.

You won’t have to break the bank to outfit yourself with specific tackle items for a new type of fishing (sea, shad, salmon).
My tackle is there to be used, it will be your choice whether you take advantage of this or not. If you happen to be willing to invest into new tackle, I can advise upon the choices for adapted gear according to your level and available budget.





Clothing and waders


Available tackle

River and stream fishing

  • Rods: Winston Boron IIX, IIIX and Nexus, Echo 3 & Solo Outfit
  • Reels: Abel Super Series 4N et 5N, 3-Tand TF-40 and TF-50
  • Fly lines: Rio floating InTouch Perception, Gold & Grand, intermediate and sink tip / Streamer Tip
  • Tippet: Rio Fluoroflex Plus & Kamoufil JMC
  • Flies: Fulling Mill, Devaux, AB Fly, Florian, etc.
  • Polarized glasses: Maui Jim

Stillwater fishing

  • Rods: Winston Boron III & IIISX, Echo 3 Freshwater & Ion
  • Reels: Wychwood Truefly SLA #7/8, 3-Tand TF-70 and Echo Ion 6/7
  • Fly lines: Rio floating InTouch Perception, Gold & Grand, sinking lines InTouch Hover, InTouch Midge Tip Long & CamoLux, InTouch Deep 3 to 7
  • Leaders:  Airflo Polyleader Trout
  • Tippet: Rio Fluoroflex Plus & Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon
  • Flies: Fulling Mill
  • Accessories: Linekurv line tray, Loon Outdoors products, Rio, Dr Slick, Mucilin, Fulling Mill
  • Landing nets: Wychwood Game Boatman & Bankman
  • Boxes: Wychwood Game VueFinder Competition
  • Bags: Wychwood Game Boatman

Salmon and shad fishing

  • Single hand rods: Winston Boron IIIX
  • Two-handed rods: Winston Boron III TH, Echo Spey Tim Rajeff and Thomas & Thomas DNA Switch
  • Reels: 3-Tand TF-70, Echo Ion 7/9
  • Fly lines: Rio VersiTip II, Switch, Scandi, UniSpey
  • Leaders:  Airflo Polyleader salmon/steelhead
  • Tippet: Rio Fluoroflex Plus
  • Flies: Fulling Mill
  • Landing nets: Wychwood Game Bankman

Pike fishing

  • Rods: Winston Boron IIIX & Echo 3 Saltwater
  • Reels: 3-Tand TF-70, Echo Ion 7/9
  • Fly lines: Rio Pike/Musky floating and InTouch Hover sinking lines
  • Leaders:  Airflo Polyleader pike
  • Tippet: Rio Fluoroflex
  • Bite tippet: Rio Powerflex Wire Bite & Pafex Fortress
  • Flies: Fulling Mill
  • Landing nets: Wychwood Game Bankman

The following suppliers have also been great partners over the years:

Clothing, waders & luggage


Fly lines


Rio has an extensive choice of elaborate fly lines for every situation and species which greatly improve tuition. Do not hesitate to consult me about an adapted line for your specific needs.



I am an official retailer for Fulling Mill products (flies, monofilament and accessories) and brand Ambassador

Fly boxes


Landing nets


Shooting baskets






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